Mar k Sekree

Partner and Chartered Financial Planner

023 8022 2410


Mark is the second generation of the 3-S family partnership. He has been studying, training and practicing financial planning alongside his father Owen for the past 20 years.

Mark was one of only a handful of advisers to become a fellow of the Personal Finance Society whilst still in his twenties. He has been the lead financial planner at 3-S for the past decade, taking care of our clients both new and old.

His favourite part of the job is building a relationship with our clients, getting to know their stories and watching them unfold over the years.


Outside work, Mark’s young family keep him busy and happy.

Music and motion cover most of his passions; from gigs and clubs to festivals all over the world, he’s always happy in a loud crowd (as long as the music and sound quality are up to scratch).

You can also often find him on the move. Cars, motorbikes, vans, road bikes, mountain bikes, sailing boats, surfboards, skateboards, snowboards or just his two feet – he loves them all.

Getting to know Mark

What’s been the most thrilling adventure in your life so far?

Too many to choose from! Spending six weeks on a motorbike on the highways and byways of California was pretty good.

What piece of advice would you give a teenage you?

Get contact lenses.

What’s your favourite part of the world?

It’s a bit cheesy, but I love where I live in the hills just north of Manchester. The whole area is a playground for running and riding and it feels like home. That and Nepal.

What adventures are left to fulfil on your bucket list?

I would love to ‘play out’ as a DJ somewhere and get my guitar and voice up to open mic standard, but this needs a fair bit of work yet. I’d also love to race a motorbike at any level (but don’t tell my wife!).

Do you have a quote or motto that sums up your philosophy for life?

Work smart, play hard.

Is there a book that forever changed your outlook on life?

I had a great chat with a psychiatrist I met in the early hours at a festival, and he recommended ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ to me. It’s right up my street- philosophy meets psychology and backed by experimental science. It’s full of big ideas and practical advice for living happily and is also a page turner. I must have given away a dozen copies of this, including one to a melancholy stand-up comedian. I hope it cheered her up without ruining her career!

Hear from our clien ts

It's hugely reassuring for us, knowing Mark's looking after our financial affairs.

Ed & Jenna

It's extraordinary the changes that have been wrought thanks to Mark.


If it wasn't for Mark, I wouldn't feel as confident going into retirement as I do.