We believe it’s important to be transparent about our fees, and ensure our clients understand exactly what they’re paying for.

To provide fully accurate fee details, we’ll first need to meet you and get a thorough understanding of your needs. But as a first port of call, this page will give you an idea of what we’ll charge for the work we do for you.

Our approach to fees

We are completely open about our fees, and everything will of course be detailed in writing with you before we proceed with any work.

There are no initial charges for the work we do; we simply charge for implementation of the financial plan we create for you and the management of your money. Our approach is very simple compared to some financial advisers’, and we find it really works well for our clients.


What we charge


Initial meeting

The initial meeting is at our expense. The initial meeting is simply a discussion to establish where you are now and where you want to be. We won’t charge you to simply find out if we can help you.



At the implementation stage of the plan (when we carry out the recommendations that we’ve made for you), we charge 2% of the funds that we become responsible for.



We charge 1% per annum of the funds invested.

What you get

Our service covers these key points:

  1. Understanding your goals in a financial planning discovery meeting.
  2. Cashflow planning in order to analyse your financial situation and show you what your financial future might look like.
  3. Investment discovery to take you through our investment philosophy, process, and understand the type of risk you should be taking with your portfolio.
  4. Implementation of our recommendations in order to ensure your money is working as hard as possible for you.
  5. Ongoing support in the form of a 6-month or annual review, plus access to a Chartered Financial Planner whenever you have any questions or concerns.

You can learn more about the client journey here.

The value of financial planning

The value of financial planning has been proven time and time again by research.

According to joint research from Royal London and the International Longevity Centre published in 2017*, households that received advice ended up between 16% and 21% better off than those that didn’t. The benefits of advice were particularly significant for those people who took advice more than once.

What’s more, the value of financial planning goes beyond the figures. There’s a significant emotional benefit too.

A recent report by Royal London** found those clients who were engaged in ongoing financial planning overwhelmingly reported an improvement in their emotional wellbeing. Clients reported an increased sense of security and reported feeling better about their money and themselves.

Our client’s stories are a testament to that. You can watch our clients talk about how working with us has benefited their lives in our client videos below.

*Source: ILC and Royal London, ‘What it’s worth: Revisiting the value of financial advice’
** Source: Royal London, ‘Feeling the benefit of financial advice: How professional support helps to improve emotional wellbeing’.

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