A Real Valentines Gift

It’s been 10 years since the first Valentine’s day with my wife. I can’t quite remember the details but I’m sure we were excited. I do remember putting together a mix CD of meaningful songs (still on rotation in the car and pretty decent) and I expect we went out for a good meal in London where I was living at the time. I think we visited Bristol about then because it sounded like a cool place to live and she was disappointed not to buy a houseboat project in the center, which would have been a disaster! Crazy days. 

I can’t remember the details of the second Valantine’s either, but I do remember the circumstances. My wife was 5 months pregnant and job-hunting, we were planning a shotgun wedding at Gretna Green and we had an offer on a very normal house near her family in Manchester!

The point is, circumstances can change and fast.  

This Valentine’s it might be nice to go for an evening with your loved one but, and I know how this sounds, if you really love them for goodness sake shell out on some insurance to cover your death and serious ill health. 

As a rough rule of thumb an insurance package should cost about as much as a decent meal out for you and the people you’re covering per month. If you’re on a budget with a small family this might be £50-£60. If you’re all used to an expensive lifestyle this might be up to £100-£200. If you’ve got a large family and expensive tastes then maybe £300.  

This would allow your family to get by okay without you being able to take care of them. For me, that’s much higher up my priority list than a nice meal out. As you might imagine I take insurance on myself pretty seriously and don’t cheap out- it sounds cheesy but I genuinely feel great knowing it’s there. 

While needing the insurance and not having it is the obvious disaster, not close behind is needing the insurance and not being able to get it because a health condition has cropped up. If you’re in good health take advantage of being able to get insurance cheaply and easily while you can. 

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